September in the Cinque Terre

It’s crazy how every year a few travel destinations become very very popular, you see pictures of them everywhere until you just have to go. It was the case for the Cinque Terre in 2018. It seemed to me that every person I know went there at some point during the year. Therefore, when we decided to go to Italy I was so eager to discover these little villages.

First stop : Monterosso al Mare.

It’s the most accessible village because most trains from Genoa stop there. Before going, I read that it wasn’t the nicest but actually I really enjoyed it! There are a lot of tourists but if you walk a little, you find quieter streets with amazing cafés and shops. What actually surprised me were all the colours : the striped parasols, the pink walls, the very green trees and very blue sea…

To go from the beach to the actual village, you have to go through a tunnel. It brings you to the harbour and where the little souvenir shops are. We had an amazing pizza in a restaurant there.

Then, Vernazza.

Clearly my favourite. I could have waited hours sitting by the sea, watching the sunset. If I ever come back, I would love to stay over night to see it without any tourists.


First off, the station is unusual as it is between the sea and a very high hill. You have to take the bus to go to the village and let me tell you, it’s a stressful ride.

The village itself is probably the quieter of the five, maybe because it’s not as easily accessible. However, it is incredible. There are tiny streets, staircases and paths everywhere which makes it feels like a maze where there’s always more to see. The scenery is unbelievable as it overlooks steep fields on one side and the sea on the other side.


So. Many. People. It’s a cute place but it felt like most of the young people were there. They jump from the rocks and walk along the long path that goes along the cliff.

Finally, Riomaggiore.

The last of the five villages. Also very crowded but still very atypical. The best way to describe it would be a small harbour stuck in the middle of a hill of coloured houses. Had the best ice cream of my life btw!

After this trip to Cinque Terre, I would definitely tell you to be prepared not be alone. However, I felt it was totally worth the faff because the area so beautiful. The trains to and from Genoa linking all the villages together are very frequent. You can buy a daily pass to travel back and forth to the different villages which is great.

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