Nice Sunday in Bath

Yesterday was the half marathon day in Bath. My housemate Lorraine signed up to run it so I decided to go too to support her but also to see this amazing city again. Bath is only 1.15 hour away from Cardiff by train so perfect for a day trip. I have been to Bath a few times before and I have to say it’s one of my favorite British towns. The first time I went I saw all the touristic things i.e. the Roman Baths, the Abbey… So now, every time I come back I tend to walk around more and discover parts of the city I didn’t know. Yesterday we actually went to Circus and the Royal Crescent again because it’s just so nice!

Also, my friend Coline and I are way too addicted to cafés not to try (at least) one in Bath! As we stepped off the train we went to have breakfast in All Bar One, I believe it is chain but neither of us had been before and it had an amazing view on the abbey.

We walked quite a bit as we were waiting for Lorraine to finish the Bathalf. It was such a lovely spring(ish) day, a lot of people were also having a wonder around the parks. We saw the biggest bunch of daffodils !

After the half marathon, we wanted to have another coffee so we found a cute café called the Boston Tea Party but it was full so we went for a Starbucks, I’ll have to come back to that place though!

Another amazing day with amazing people in an amazing place.

See you soon, Bath.

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