New York #4: 9/11 Museum

We almost spent the whole day at the 9/11 Museum so I thought it could be good to give you my opinion on it!

Last we came, we already visited it but quite quickly. We thought two hours was enough to see it, it wasn’t but we had to leave because it was closing.

General info: Adults $24, students réduction ($18) is only applicable if you are a US student…
Open daily.

The visit: The museum is split in two sections. One is more of a memorial where you see objects that were found after the attacks. There is also places dedicated to the victims. The second part is the museum. It explains what happened before, during and after. There are testimonies.
On the website, they say that you need two hours to visit. Without being very slow, it took us about four hours to see everything. There are a lot of things to read, to see. The museum is very moving so it takes time. I would advise you to plan half a day to visit.

My opinion: If you’re only going to do one museum in New York: do this one! I think we all have some kind of memory of that day. To be honest, the first time I went, I was expecting a very patriotic museum, it isn’t. It is very humble, sober, calm. It pays tribute to the victims without doing too much or too little. To me, this museum is a complete success. You will learn something there, even if you think you already know a lot. It is honestly one of the best museum I have even seen! (I’ve visited a fair amount…)

We left the museum at the end of the afternoon. After a coffee, we then went back to the Rockefeller to see the tree at night time. It was even prettier! The lights are so amazing!

I’ll see you tomorrow for a new blog post on the last day in New York! Already…


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