New York #1: the cold in Brooklyn

After reading my notes and looking at all my pictures from the trip, I decided to put a post up every day on my few days in New York. It will be better than having a huge blog post with loads of photos. There will be a post every day until Sunday. I hope you like them !

After our stay in Philadelphia, we went back to New York. I was really looking forward to spending more time in this city that I enjoyed so much a year and a half ago. This time, we decided to stay in Brooklyn to discover a new part of the city. It also allowed us to see NY differently, maybe a bit more authentic.

Our Uber driver who took us to the bus station in Philly was amazing, we were really glad to meet him. On the way to NY we had a huge snowstorm, very impressive! The view of the skyline when you arrive from New Jersey is incredible. The city appears slowly, it’s fantastic.

On that day, it was freezing: -7°C (felt like -15°C). We were very happy to get to the Airbnb. We stayed in a private room in a flat in Fort Greene neighborhood. I would totally recommend it! It’s exactly like the Brooklyn you imagine.

We only had the afternoon left so we decided to walk around where we were staying. We went to one of the main streets in Brooklyn Heights, Fulton St. We took a lot of breaks because of the cold. That’s how we ended up in a typical American McDonald’s!

I wanted to go to the beginning of Brooklyn Bridge so we continued to walk until we got there. We ended up walking the whole bridge because the view was so amazing. We went to Manhattan. The sunset on the buildings was beautiful!

The bridge is quite long especially in the freezing cold so we were very glad to arrive. It was so worth it though! We went straight into the subway to head back to the flat. We then did a bit of food shopping at Target. It sounds weird but I love going food shopping when I’m abroad. I think it’s how you see how normal people actually live.

We spent the evening with our hosts and their cute dog, Laya. It was so so nice to meet people who was genuinely happy to have people over and get to know them better. We were all so grateful to learn new things and share for a few hours. It was perfect.

More about my trip to New York tomorrow on the blog! My Youtube video on this trip is here. Please subscribe and share if you liked it 🙂


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