Leaving for 10 days with a carry-on suitcase ?

I am on holiday right now so I thought that an article on how to pack a lightweight suitcase could be a good idea. My friends are always surprise on how small my luggage is whenever I travel. I mean, I do have an obsession with shoes and clothes in general so I seems weird that I am able to pack lightly. Of course, the size of the suitcase depends on where you’re going, how long for and obviously the weather there. I tend to take the smallest suitcase I can so I wanted to tell you my tips on how to pack.

Why travel light?

First, I have to say it’s not about not putting my suitcase in the baggage hold, it’s all about the practicality of having a smaller and lightweight luggage. I can’t really carry anything to heavy or too large around in cities, airports, stations… Also, I feel like even though I love love clothes and shoes and makeup and everything, I don’t actually need all of it for 10 days. I have learnt before that even if I take three pairs of shoes, I’ll end up wearing Stan Smiths for a week…

How to pack?

  1. Roll your clothes

Rolling your clothes allows you to have so much more free space in your suitcase and in the end to take the same amount as in a bigger one. Just try once and you’ll never come back from it! Also, if you roll your clothes really tight, they won’t crease. I promise!

2. Add your underwear at the end of the packing

No need to take some space from your suitcase for underwear. Pack the whole thing and add your underwear in between your clothes at the end.

3. (Almost) all tops need to match (almost) all bottoms

I mean I kind of do that anyway in my wardrobe but it is essential to make sure of it when you’re packing. If you take one top that goes only with these shorts then you are loosing the possibility of wearing it another day for another look.

4. Pack your toiletries at least 24 hours before leaving

I never make a list of things I have to take with me. However, I do pack my toiletries in advance. My tip is to do that so that you live out of it for at least a day. Then, you know straight away if something is missing or if you’ve packed something that seems unnecessary in the end. I don’t actually unpack all of my toilet bag so that some things are always ready to go.

5. (Of course) Take travel-size products

No need to take a litre of shampoo if you’re going for a week or so. You should either buy the travel-size of your favourite products or just fill small bottles of your liquids. Also, if you know the hotel/Airbnb you’re staying at will have shower gel, don’t take one! Every little thing is heavy when it’s added to the rest.

6. Stuff your shoes

When I have a pair of shoes in my suitcase, I always stuff things in it. It can be socks, electricals, anything that doesn’t have to be kept immaculate! Never forget, space can be taken from every inch of your suitcase.

That’s it for my tips to travel lightweight. I hope you enjoyed it. If you also have some advice, please don’t hesitate to comment bellow and share it.

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