Anti-haul #1: What I want but won’t buy.

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I’m starting a new series on my blog: anti-hauls. In these posts, I’ll be telling you all about fashion or beauty purchases that I didn’t make. I think it’s a good way of showing you what new launches I am liking but not buying. Maybe it can make you want to get them yourself.

I really want to try this new foundation by Giorgio Armani. It seems very high coverage and quite mat but comfortable at the same time. It is right up my street as I would have liked to get the Luminous Silk but it looked too dewy for my skin type (combination). The problem with this new foundation is it’s price. £40 is a lot! If it is the foundation of the century then I wouldn’t mind but not sure it’s that good. At the moment, I am really happy with the foundation I’m using and I haven’t got a lot of spare money to spend on this. Therefore, I won’t be buying it.

Usually I’m not really into blush palettes because usually they have a least one shade that I would never ever use. However, this new release from Nars is beautiful and I think all the shades are very wearable. I don’t even this it’s that expensive for Nars six blushes! Although, these palettes aren’t the best for travelling so I’d prefer to get a few individual blushes from different brands than this one.

Yes, I have a problem with this brand. I’m just so in love with their products and their packaging. This new concealer totally caught me eyes recently! If a brand writes « matte » and « complete » for a product, I’m already sold anyway. I wasn’t amazed by the Radiant Creamy Concealer because I found it too liquide. However, the new one could be perfect for me! It seems to have a lot of coverage which is what I look for to cover spots. Again, the price is quite high just for a concealer even if we can imagine that it could last a long time. The drugstore makes amazing ones as well so I’ll just stick to those for now. I think I’ll get the Sephora concealer quite soon.

YSL just brought out this mascara to go with their new parfume Black Opium Floral Shock. My holy grail mascara is the original False Lash Effect. On this one, the brush is slightly different. It looks like the one from the « Better than Sex » by Too Faced. It is a little bit cheaper than the original mascara but I’m not convinced that it’s better. At least, I wouldn’t buy it in case as I’m sure about the normal version of it.

I don’t actually like backpacks even if they are really practical. I think it looks way nicer to have a handbag when you travel but when it gets really heavy it’s a pain! For about two years, it’s became really fashionable to wear a leather backpack. I didn’t like that trend until I saw THIS bag. So basically, last year, I feel in love with the whole Whistles brand. It’s very chic but casual and so monochrome! I think this bag is very pretty and would fit a lot of things. However, the price!!! Because I’m not too keen on backpacks I feel like it’s way too much money for a bag that I’ll use only once in a while to travel hence why I won’t be buying it.

If you know me even just a little, you know how much I love coats. I don’t tend to buy any crazy clothing items but I can go mad for coats and shoes! This winter, I bought a masculine camel coat like this one and I love it a lot. When you put it on, it feels like wearing wool blanket. Therefore, this one is completely up my street. I suit green quite well and it would look great for spring but no. I have enough coats so I won’t be getting this one!

That’s it for my first anti-haul. I hope you like this new category on my blog. Let me know if there are things you love but won’t be buying 🙂 I’ll see you very soon for a new post. xxx


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